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JUNE 2022

a jazz project

"Download the Donkey",
the new album from Zabriskie Joint

APRIL 2022

feat. Teo Ciavarella

the new video Download the Donkey
by Zabriskie Joint


feat. Bruno Farinelli

Recording at DepositoZero Studios with Mattia Dallara and Bruno Farinelli

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Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Music Therapist

Stefano Ianne: Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Inventor and Music Therapist, who has made over 20 albums in the course of his career. Author of various soundtracks and TV commercials, he is one of the most original composers in the European music scene. His music can normally be heard in various TV and radio programs, such as SKY, RAI International and Radio RAI. He was also featured in Al Jazeera, BBC, QVC, NBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic. He's the author of Acqua Panna spot TV, featuring Carlo Cracco. The versatility of his music has allowed him to join international collaborations such as: Trilok Gurtu, Mario Marzi, Terl Bryant, Teo Ciavarella, Valter Sivilotti, Emanuele Arciuli, Antonella Ruggiero, Nick Beggs, Ricky Portera, Rolf Hind, Romano Mussolini, Bruno Farinelli, Irio De Paula, Ettore Lombardi, Arthur Miles, UTGandhi, John De Leo, Aram Ghasemy, Simone d'Eusanio, Andrea Ferrario, Fabrizio Datteri and Liam McKahey. 
Stefano Ianne has a degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage as well as in Music Therapy.

He invented Midifly, a musical  instrument with a new approach to neurorehabilitation.

Stefano Ianne is an endorser of MRK Guitars and OLLO Audio.

Awards and Acknowledgments

'LA Indies', Los Angeles - Award Winner: Best Composer 2021 - for Office

'Vancouver Independent Film Festival', Canada - Award Winner: Best Music in Short 2021 - for Office

'Vegas Shorts', Las Vegas - Award Winner: Best Composer March 2021 - for Office

'Cooper Awards', Estonia - Award Winner: Best Sound Design Short Film 2021 - for Office

'NY Independent Cinema Award', New York - Nomination: Best Composer 2021 - for Office

'ADIFF', Saint Petersburg - Honorable Mention: Best Short and Best Acting Debut 2021 - for Office

'Arthouse' Festival of Beverly Hills, California - Award Winner: Best Composer Fall 2021 - for Office

Steve Reich, composer

"Concerto per Violino Quarto and Moto Perpetuo struck me as quite lovely. I wish him well developing his natural rather prolific talent” 

Giorgio Battistelli, composer and conductor

"I believe that one of the most complex operations today is to create a synthesis that represents the present style, I have the impression that Stefano Ianne has the energy to venture out of the castle"

Massimiliano Caldi, conductor

"It must be listened to the end to grasp the progressive unfolding of a strong evocative value that becomes perceptible from ever different points of view and for an ever more conscious understanding of every fascinating nuance in Stefano Ianne's musical language"

Simone Ungaro, writer

"Infinite variations and micro-variations renew the musical themes, around which the arrangements, now delicate, now more incisive, develop. Each instrument has its own role that responds to the doctrine, perhaps banal but rarely so apt, of the few notes, but in the right place"

Giovanni Scardovi, art teacher

"The vision of worlds at times close, distant and enigmatic, a pleasant surprise, which in listening led me to perceive a harmony that passes from yearning to the eos of a sustained rhythm and insinuates into hearing methods suitable for deciphering our time"

Michele Dicuonzo, writer

"Cultured music and therefore 'popular' in the most orthodox sense of the term. Since it feeds on universal sensations and stimulates a natural and sincere emotional response on the part of those who listen. Undoubtedly a very classy performance, the soundtrack of a feature film that you just have to imagine"

Valter Sivilotti, composer and conductor

 "The repetition of musical incipits does not necessarily generate art in being: becoming, in this case, springs from the propulsion of the model itself (short as it is). I have never found myself in a position to ascertain that development does not necessarily depend on the material processing but, first of all, on the characteristics of the elements proposed"

Emanuele Arciuli, pianist 

"Stefano Ianne's natural, instinctive and complex talent convinced me that this divertissement was worth living"

Antonella Ruggiero, singer

"Stefano Ianne's music struck me for its intense melodic sense"

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Les Diableries is the title of a series of stereoscopic photographs published in Paris during the 1860s. The photographs, commonly known as stereoviews, portray sculpted clay vignettes  which depict scenes of daily life in Hell. Much of the subject matter was satirical and mirrored the corruption and excess of Paris during the Second Empire. Napoleon III’s authoritarian rule was repeatedly the subject of criticism, as was the decadent lifestyle of the bourgeoisie.


Stefano Ianne: piano, synth, guitars               Mario Marzi: saxophones

Terl Bryant: drums & percussions

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management: Mattia Dallara

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